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June 2018 - July 2022​

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work! Regrettably, I'm unable to share the details of the projects publicly due to it currently being covered by an NDA.

My Learnings:

User-centered mindset: Ensured that the built interfaces cover all edge cases, are responsive, and have a smooth user flow.

Communication and Facilitation: Facilitated design discussions with UX designers and business teams.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Ensured accessibility compliance in designs.

Project Management: Led India's UI/UX team, delivering multiple complex projects, delegating tasks to vendors, and ensuring successful design execution.

Team Leadership and Mentoring: Mentored the team and initiated a product group at Apple India for collaboration and talent development.

Presentation Skills: Presented work to cross-functional and global management teams, including the CIO (Chief Information Officer).

Problem-Solving and Issue Resolution: Managed Quality Assurance (QA) and promptly resolved post-production issues and bugs.

Interviewing and Onboarding: Conducted interviews and oversaw onboarding for interns, full-time hires, and vendor team members.

My Journey at Apple

August 2018:

Started as an intern

Designed and developed a fun Proof of Concept to boost advisor job satisfaction.

Presented my work to Apple's CIO.

January 2019:

Began working with the Cupertino team

Spearheaded the integration of Apple Maps into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application in collaboration with the Cupertino team.

Became lead for 4 modules of CRM App.

Single-handedly owned and delivered a mid-size project from start to finish.

June 2019:

Joined as a full-time employee

Managed vendor teams (~5 members).

Successfully owned and delivered 2 large-sized projects end-to-end and multiple mid-size projects.

January 2020:

Became the UI/UX Product Lead

2020 - 2021

UI/UX Product Lead

Initiated regular meetings with the UX team

Led COVID-19 projects

Interviewed and mentored full-time hires, interns, and vendor team members

Designed and developed a hiring portal for recruiters

Proposed and managed the development of  accessibility components and inclusive coding practice

August 2021:

Promoted to a senior position 

Launched a UI/UX group at Apple, promoting collaboration and learning.

Took ownership and made significant contributions to the UI/UX workflows and system designs for the CRM application.

Engaged in "secret" projects with a direct impact on Apple's upcoming NPI launch.


Began contributing additionally as a UX Designer

Collaborated with the AppleCare UX team on the CRM application feature.

Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to reach out and stay connected with me. I'm always down for a coffee and a chat!

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