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In a world filled with unique stories and experiences
I aspire to ensure that no voice goes unheard!

Hi, I'm Manvi!

I am a Product Manager and Designer, currently working in contract with Apple. I have a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and a robust foundation in Computer Science and Mathematics. This combination equips me with a powerful blend of analytical and creative abilities.
I worked as a UI/UX Product Lead at Apple for 4 years before my masters, where I led diverse projects, managed teams, and collaborated with UX designers and accessibility experts.
My experience has sharpened my expertise in decoding data, understanding different perspectives, bringing an inclusive approach to design, and speaking the language of designers and non-designers alike.

My Work

Frame 79.png

Empowering AppleCare advisors through multiple features for increased efficiency and job satisfaction


Product Lead, Accessibility, UX Design

Design Idea

Elevating the shoe-recommendation service to eliminate shopping hassles and foster a customer-employee bond

Dick's Sporting Goods

UX Research, Service Design, Strategy


Nurturing high-school students' soft skills for success in a dynamic economy through in-person games

South Fayette School District

UX Research, Strategy, Service Design, Game Design

Frame 49.png

Combatting the spread of fake news and empowering people to discern fact from fiction via an in-person multiplayer game

Project Deception

UX Design, Game Design, Product Design

UI Design solution

On-the-go application with flexible options for hassle-free travel planning for families with young children

Project FamTrips

UX Research, UX Design, Product Design

Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to reach out and stay connected with me. I'm always down for a coffee and a chat!

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